Marcus Antonius. Denarius, 32-31 BC, military mint (Patrae?).



The rare Chortium Praetoriarum legionary denarius

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Roman Imperatorial. Marcus Antonius. Denarius, 32-31 BC, military mint moving with Marcus Antonius (Patrae?).
Obverse: ANT AVG / III VIR R P C.
Praetorian galley right with scepter tied on prow.
Aquila between two standards.
Dimensions: AR, 3.25 g, 18 mm, 7h.
References: Crawford 544/8;
Sydenham 1213;
Cohen 7.
Condition: Rare. Sharply cleaned, many scratches. Good Fine.
Provenance: From a western German collection, built up over the last 30 years.
Comment: In the series of legionary denarii there are some very rare and sought-after types. One of the most interesting coins is the type for the praetorian cohort.
The praetorian cohorts are named after the tent, of the commander (praetorium). These soldiers were hand-selected to guard the commander of the army, Marcus Antonius. They went on campaigns as the personal accompaniment of their generals. At Actium Mark Antony had likely four or more praetorian cohorts with him, around 2,400 soldiers.The legionary denarii were usually struck in debased metal. Because of that many of them circulated until the 3rd century. Exception are the so-called „named“ denarii (chortivm praetoriarvm, antiqvae classicae, etc.), they were struck in higher-purity than the normal ones.

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AR (silver)


3.25 g


28 mm

Die axis

7 h