Denarius, 91 BC, Rome mint. D. Iunius Silanus.




Splendid Victory riding the biga



Roman Republic. D. Iunius Silanus. Denarius, 91 BC, Rome mint.
Obverse: Head of Roma wearing a winged helmet right, behind A.
Reverse: Victory holding reins and riding a biga right, above II, in exergue D SILANVS L / ROM[A].
Dimensions: AR, 3.95 g, 20 mm, 9h.
References: Crawford 337/3;
Sydenham 646;
BMCRR Rome 1772 var.
Condition: Averse-die used, with a fresh revers-die. Lustrous with a light patina. Extremely fine.
Provenance: From a private German Collection,
acquired at Gorny & Mosch 257 (2018), 646.
Comment: This coin shows two control marks. The obverse of this emission depicts letters of the Latin alphabet, here an A. The reverse shows the numerals I to XXX, in this case a II. There are several dies per control mark and various combinations between obverse and reverse die. The marks were connected to the administration of the mint, but it is not known in which closer relationship they were.
The coin show the typical Roma on the obverse and a common reverse image, Victory in a biga (carriage with two horses). The reverse motif represents the general victoriousness of Rome.The moneyer
D. Iunius Silanus – He was an important politician and senator. Silanus took part in the senate hearing on the punishment of the captive followers of Catiline. He was married to Servilla, who had a son, Marcus Iunius Brutus from her first marriage.

Additional information


AR (silver)


3.95 g


20 mm

Die axis

9 h