Denarius, 79 BC, Rome mint. T. Claudius Nero.




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Roman Republic. T. Claudius Nero. Denarius, 79 BC, Rome mint.
Obverse: Draped bust of Diana, wearing a diadem and bow and quiver of the shoulder, right, in front S C.
Reverse: Victory, holding a wreath in her right hand and palm-branch and reins in her left hand, riding a biga right, below A XXI, in exergue TI CLAVD TI F / AP N (ligated).
Dimensions: AR, 3.90 g, 19 mm, 7h.
References: Crawford 383/1;
Sydenham 770a;
BMCRR Rome 3121 var.
Condition: Slightly off center, minted from fresh dies, lustrous. Almost extremely fine.
Provenance: From a private German Collection,
acquired at Gorny & Mosch 257 (2018), 652.
Comment: As many others of this period, this coin was struck on decree of the senate (S C). The reverse perhaps also refers to the victory of Sulla. The meaning of Diana on the obverse is controversial. Some numismatists argue that it refers to the Sabine origin of the moneyer.

The moneyer
T. Claudius Nero – He was Praetor before 63 and from a well-known gens. The later emperor Tiberius was also a member of this family with Sabine origin.

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AR (silver)