Denarius, 79 BC, Rome mint. C. Naevius Balbus.




Rare depiction of Victory in a triga



Roman Republic. C. Naevius Balbus. Denarius, 79 BC, Rome mint.
Obverse: Head of Venus, wearing a diadem, earrings and a necklace, right, behind S C.
Reverse: Victory, holding reins in both hands, riding a triga right, above TXXVIII, in exergue C NAE BALB (ligated).
Dimensions: AR, 4.05 g, 20 mm, 5h.
References: Crawford 382/1b;
Sydenham 769b;
BMCRR Rome 2946.
Condition: Obverse slightly off center with a minor area of weakness, small scratch on the reverse-relief, beautifully toned. Otherwise extremely fine.
Provenance: From a private German Collection,
acquired at Busso Peus 423 (2018), 261,
ex private German Collection, acquired prior to 2014.
Comment: This emergency issue shows a particular interesting reverse: Victoria in a chariot with three horses, this motif only occurs on this type and denarii of Ap. Claudius (111/110 BC). A special meaning for this is not known.
The Venus head and the Victory in triga refer to Sulla himself and his victory over Mithridates VI of Pontus around 85 BC.
Also, this coin feature the abbreviation S C, which means that the coin was struck on decree of the senate as an emergency issue.The moneyer
C. Naevius Balbus – His family had probably Phoenician roots and settled in Spain. He is only known as being moneyer of the year 79 BC.


Additional information


AR (silver)


4.05 g


20 mm

Die axis

5 h