Denarius, 209-208 BC, Sicily mint (?). Anonymous.




From one of the first issues of denarii and the first emission of serrati.





Roman Republic. Anonymous. Denarius (Serratus), 209-208 BC, Sicily mint (?).
Obverse: Head of Roma with winged helmet right, behind X.
Reverse: Dioscuri, holding a spear and wearing a cloak, on horses riding right, above each one star, below wheel of six spokes; in exergue ROMA.
Dimensions: AR, 3.55 g, 20 mm, 2h.
References: Crawford 79/1;
Sydenham 519;
BMCRR Italy 309.
Condition: Fine patina with iridescent toning, some minor weakness on revers, slightly double striked obverse. Almost extremely fine.
Provenance: From a private German Collection,
acquired at Kölner Münzkabinett 109 (2018), 268,
ex Collection Prof. Dr. Hildebrecht Hommel (1899-1996),
acquired 1976 from Landesgirokasse Stuttgart.
Comment: This coin is not only one of the first issues of denarii, but also the first emission of serrati. Based on style comparisons, this coin can be allocated on Sicily. It was minted during the 2nd Punic War against Carthage by an anonymous moneyer with an identical iconography to the coins minted in Rome. It was very probably produced to pay Roman soldiers.

Additional information


AR (silver)


3,55 g


20 mm

Die axis

2 h