Pecunia Numismatics


Pecunia Numismatics is a newly found company that deals with coins, medals and antiquities. It is dedicated to present coins in a completely new way: We value each coin as an object that survived hundreds or thousands of year. Each coin is a mirror to the ancient cultures. Each coin is an artwork and source that helps to research the ancient world. On this website we want to present as many aspects of coins as possible. To do that we create our online exhibition to highlight special selections of coins with their specific story.
In a fast moving world, in which many objects are particularly transitory, where cultures merge and humanity is confronted with huge problems, it is important to look back at past cultures and learn from them. Through coins, their mentality, artistry and progressiveness are particularly shown.

Sven M. Martzinek, the founder of Pecunia Numismatics, first came in contact with ancient coins in high school. The fascination of these miniature masterpieces carrying a great number of information started his interest for ancient cultures. Through internships and jobs he both got to know the coin market and the academic research. His vision for Pecunia Numismatics is to help to connect these areas to both promote science by the ideas and passion of private collectors and to promote private collecting by showing the necessary scientific background of the collectibles. Sven Martzinek founded Pecunia Numismatics in 2021 during his BA study of ancient history and archeology at the University of Cologne. You can contact him via